You don’t need to believe—it’s simple numeracy. The interest rates are at all-time lows and “will stay that way through 2020” (Federal Open Market Committee). Home prices in Chicagoland dipped in 2019 again, though they are expected to rise by the end of this first quarter. If you are a buyer, an investor, a flipper, looking for a second home or a retirement income source—now, right now, is the time to take that leap into real estate ownership. The numbers aren’t staggering, but they’re simple to understand.

As an experienced broker, a long-time investor, and as I approach that senior discount age, I see the wisdom in owning properties. It isn’t always lucrative in the short run, but in a long-distance economic race it’s a top finisher every time.

The question of how much initial capital investment may be on your mind. There are now many more options for loans with as little as 3.5% down and even rehab loans where you can borrow above the purchase price. The appropriate question is “What are you waiting for?” Jump!

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