Buyers Get More House

Eight months ago, economists were predicting that interest rates would rise in 2019—we know that the opposite has occurred. What the majority missed was the trepidation and stagnation that have been caused mostly by geopolitical issues and instability. Inflation has fallen below the predicted 2+%, so buyers benefit with more purchasing strength. Lower interest rates combined with stagnated or reduced home prices means that one can simply buy more house for the buck!

Savvy Sellers Get More $

Power has shifted to the buyers for sure, but there’s still a way for savvy sellers to get more for their house—ASK FOR LESS! It’s super simple to understand that if more than one person is interested in a property the price will competitively rise. The very best strategy is to set the asking price at or just below the determined value (an experienced, knowledgeable, and local real estate broker can provide the most accurate market evaluation). No need to reduce the price in the future. Just entertain contracts now.

Better Brokers Busier

Many real estate professionals have been concerned about the current slowdown, so why is there just a handful of busy ones? They probably share certain characteristics. They most likely have been in the business for at least a decade , and have a healthy sphere of clients and customers. They most likely have a strong internet presence (social media, lead generation, engagement and follow up). And they probably work harder AND smarter.

Get more house for the buck, buyers! Get more money in your pocket, sellers! Get busier Brokers! Let’s all get it together. :~)

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