More involvement, not less! I predict that the near and distant future of residential real estate will include more personal contact and better human connections. I believe this despite recent trends that lead brokers to have less direct contact with clients – larger, constantly growing real estate teams now include showing agents, executive assistants, and more roles that didn’t used to exist.

This year, and over the next few years, our clients NEED us to be more involved, to be more personal. This is what grew Team Fallico’s business from hundreds to thousands of clients. Our excellent technology will be used to enhance marketing, to reach new clients, to promote properties and excel in moving them through the selling process. For two years, we have all experienced anxiety through a pandemic, social unrest, culture wars, political strife, etc. We all need a hand, a hug, a connection and we will be needing these things this year and for years to come. Back to basics, with more personal connection ahead!

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