What will life be like after being locked in our own eco-systems for a month, or more? Will we be in a better place after this health crisis is over? Personally, I am learning a ton about myself that I never knew before. I have found that this self-learning process is made even easier if you are lucky enough to have a quarantine partner who knows you well and is willing to share an honest outside perspective with you. After this is all over, it’s possible that we will perform better, more efficiently. We will have a better grasp on the power of human contact and interaction, and will have new wisdom that we couldn’t have gained had we not lived through this. Chances are, a lot of things will change, and we won’t be the same people we were before.

As real estate brokers looking towards the future, we believe that once “the coast is clear” we will see an immediate uptick in market activity. Once we are at the end of the tunnel, real estate brokers should be ready to be even busier than they were in February. When you combine the pipelines of all Team Fallico team members before this crisis started, it amounted to $25 million dollars in sales volume. As we have been checking in on each of those clients, the vast majority still want to sell or buy. They will be re-entering the market, along with a new group of sellers and buyers that would have been entering at that time anyway. In other words, we, Team Fallico, will be assisting clients with $35 million worth of real estate in just 2-3 months. Even if this estimation isn’t exact, IT WILL STILL BE BUSY!

In the meantime, take care of yourself and others. I usually don’t put myself first in my dialogue, but I know that each of us are being challenged individually and spiritually like never before. We have to remember that we can’t help others if we, ourselves, are not STRONG.


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