It’s estimated that one million millennials will buy a home each year for the next ten years! Homeownership is STILL the American dream, and though millennials may want smaller, more environmentally friendly homes, they are NOT going to sacrifice the perfect walkable location. The rate scare has subsided for now, prices have dropped, and inventory is starting to pick up—so we’re back to multiple bids on “properly priced” properties. Keep it going, Sellers! You can get good money, great Buyers, and MAKE YOUR MOVE!


Sellers know that now is the time to sell, and investors are taking advantage of tens of millions being offered by the government in opportunity zones. Thinking about investing? It’s as simple as saying “Hey Google, search opportunity zones in Chicago” to get started! Added bonus—the tax benefits last through 2026 under the current laws.


Buyers have come out of hibernation with affordability at an all-time high and historically low interest rates. Real estate millions are in the air (not necessarily millionaires ?). You have to start somewhere, and 2019 sounds good to me.

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